YourFriendlyPhysicist and other NERDS

That's the title of my podcast and here is why: according to the Internet, nerds spend inordinate amounts of time on unpopular and non-mainstream activities, which are generally highly abstract, or relating to topics of science fiction and fantasy. 

Isn't that the perfect description of a scientist? Isn't our research highly abstract? Aren't we spending inordinate amounts of our time and energy on realizing things that still are science fiction? 

I can definitely relate with this definition and proudly say: I am a nerd! This podcast is dedicated to all the amazing scientists and their great work out there. I am talking with other nerds about their research and their scientific journey, and what drives them to go out there every day and to do science!

If you want to share your research or other stories, feel free to contact me! ☺️

Episode #1 - "Should I stay or should I go? My transition from academia to industry" with Dr. Shambhavi Pratap

Shambhavi (her friends call her Sana) did her PhD at the Chair of Functional Materials at the Technical University of Munich and decided afterward to leave the academia for a new adventure in industry. In this episode, Sana tells us about the challenges she faced, the questions she asked herself, the pros and cons about academia and industry, and where to find help and support. We both hope, her experiences and insights might be of help for some of you out there, who are asking should I stay or should I go?

 The episode can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
Logo of the first episode of the podcast Your Friendly Physicist and other Nerds about the transition from an academic to a non-academic job with Shambhavi Pratap and Lucas Kreuzer

Episode #2 - "What is the future of plastics? From food waste to elastomers" with Dr. Christian Goldhahn

Christian did his PhD in the Wood Materials Science group at ETH Zürich, where he used wood as sustainable bioreactors. Also after his PhD sustainability plays a major role in his life: since April 2022 he took on a new mission, which is all about the circular economy. As head of reserach and development at the cleantech start-up KUORI, based in Switzerland, he develops innovative materials that are produced from food side streams e.g., banana peels or nut shells. In this episode, Christian tells us what it is like to work in a start-up, how food waste might contribute to an improved circular economy, and why the first application of his materials is in shoe soles. 

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Logo of the second episode of the podcast Your Friendly Physicist and other Nerds about the future of plastics with Christian Goldhahn and Lucas Kreuzer

Episode #3 - "Quantum mechanics: To-go please!" with Dr. Gian Andrea Inkof

Gian studied physics and did a PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics afterwards. His research focuses on holography, which is a mixture of quantum mechanics and general relativity. Right now, he is a postdoc at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Besides, Gian is very talented in explaining complicated things in a simple way. That makes him just perfect for this episode, which is all about the basics of quantum mechanics.

Quantum objects, particle-wave duality, superposition, entanglement, and Schrödinger's cat 🐈📦☠️

Tune in, if you want to understand what's behind these terms, why they are connected to quantum mechanics, and how they are shaping our modern way of life. Quantum mechanics? Yes, to-go, please!

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Logo of the third episode of the podcast Your Friendly Physicist and other Nerds about quantum mechanics with Gian Andrea Inkof and Lucas Kreuzer
Episode #4 - "3D printing in space 🚀" with Mélanie Clozel

Mélanie is a scientist at the Institute of Material Physics in Space at the German Aerospace Center in Cologne. Her research is about the development of a 3D printer that is able to print metallic tools in space. This way, future astronauts are able to print their own tools and spare parts, either onboard space stations and space ships, or potentially on the moon or other planets. In this episode, Mélanie and I are talking about how to realize experiments in space, what it is like to shoot rockets with scientific equipment and experiments into space, and why you always keep an eye on the locations of the reindeer herds in northern Sweden.

This episode is still in post-production and will appear soon!